Badass or Bad: A Week of Unruly Women

In the afterglow of International Women’s Day, we’re thrilled to debut our new feature, a weeklyan intermittent roundup of news from the magical world of (and sometimes adjacent to) TV, looking at both the triumphs and the travesties – or, to put it bluntly, who and what is kicking ass and who and what is pulling some seriously sexist crap. We’re leaning kind of heavily on the triumphs, though – both because our poll showed that our followers were more interested in reading about badassery than sexism and because if anyone wants to see more breaking sexism, they can just check Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

We’ll also leave you with a few recommended readings – stories from the world of intersectional feminism that you might have missed this week and/or really good reads on current feminist affairs.

So, without further ado…






Badass: After Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly called MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell “unruly” for tarnishing a sanitized photo op between the Secretary of State and the Ukranian Foreign Minister by asking actual policy questions, MSNBC took the footage and turned it into a promo. Mitchell signed off the air that day with “that does it for this unruly edition of Andrea Mitchell reports.” (Deadline)

Badass: IMDB has implemented an F-rating system for movies to indicate films written by, directed by, or prominently featuring a woman. We hope that this will eventually extend to TV episodes. Also, we get that “F” is for female, but could they maybe have picked a letter that didn’t have the connotation of being a big, red “fail” atop a book report? (Vox)

Badass: The cast and crew of Amazon’s Transparent stood with Gavin Grimm and the ACLU to send a message that transgender rights matter. (Twitter)

Badass: In honor of the show’s 20th anniversary, The New York Times is asking fans to send in their Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction and will feature selected works on its website. (NYT)

Badass: SNL cast some shade on the never-ending parade of dudes who use feminism as a pick-up line and then turn into misogynistic jerks the moment they’re turned down. Dudes, please don’t use feminism as a pick-up technique. Unless you’re Nick Offerman, in which case, you had us at pussy hat. (YouTube)

Badass: Nasty woman Samantha Bee showed the world how her show, Full Frontal, would look if the women on her staff didn’t show up, and there was a lot of Comic Sans. (@FullFrontalSamB)

Badass: SNL alum and Iranian-American Nasim Pedrad was recently on Conan and shared her immigration experience, including meeting her father for the first time in an airport at the age of three. She called Trump’s travel ban “un-American.” (The Mary Sue)

Badass: The Good Fight continues to be BAMFtastic and entirely worth sacrificing one Starbucks latté a month for a CBS All Access subscription (if you’re unabashedly high-maintenance and rack up $6 worth of latté customizations, that is). Angelica Jade Bastién, who has written some fantastic pieces on women of color on television, reviewed last Sunday’s episode through the historical lens of black people’s struggles for bodily autonomy. (NYT)

Bad: Entertainment writer Martin Schneider recounted in a Twitter thread his experience switching names with a female colleague, Nicole Pieri, wherein he would sign off all his emails as her, and vice-versa, and it turns out, people really are horrible to women. His side. Her side.

Bad: A study from the Milken Institute found that women and minorities working behind the scenes in film and television are less likely to be hired than their white, male counterparts, and when they are hired, they make comparatively less money. The study’s authors rightly point out that when it comes to Hollywood’s diversity problem, the focus is usually on A-list actors. (The Hollywood Reporter)

This week’s recommended readings:

Bitch Media: What Just Happened? – A Day Without A Woman

Rebecca Ruiz: What men say about women in secret is why we can’t have gender equality

Emily Peck: Why The ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Is Kinda Bull

Sady Doyle: Trump’s Tracking of ‘Honor Killings’ Is a Distraction From the Real Issues of Violence Against Women

Oh, you’ve noticed all those articles are by women? That wasn’t even intentional. Women are just that badass.

‘Til next week.


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