Welcome to Telefeminism

If a site goes live and no one is watching, does sexism still exist?

Yes. Yes, it does.

So we’re going to work on that. We’d like to be humble and say we know we can’t possibly end sexism on television with this one little project being run on a MacBook so old the Genuis Bar people refer it it as “vintage.” But that feels like we’re not shooting high enough. So we’re going to try to end sexism on television or die trying.*

*probably figuratively, like how you die of embarrassment

In the next few weeks, this site will be built out to try to fully explain the mission and madness of this project. In the meantime, feel free to look around and please follow us on Twitter. There should be a widget down there that lets you do that.

If none of this really makes sense yet, just hang on. We promise we’re going to explain everything soon.

For now, let us present our inaugural (yes that’s a pun) T-BAMF, or “Televised Bad-Ass Modern Feminist,” of the week: the incomparable Claudia Jean Cregg.

KubONbvCJ is unafraid to call out sexist institutions, even if they’re the White House.

tumblr_ml9ebyKkEw1qcvteuo1_500 CJ stands on principle, even when it’s not the easy road.

3e24b8f0-24bb-0132-08eb-0eae5eefacd9CJ doesn’t let anyone walk all over her, not even the press corps.

d08dbda0-07fe-0133-f498-0e18518aac2fCJ knows that being devoted to her career does not make her unworthy of love.

tumblr_navmbe4j7x1tdz8xmo1_500 tumblr_navmbe4j7x1tdz8xmo2_500CJ can love a black Vera Wang dress and simultaneously know that what she’s wearing is absolutely irrelevant to the public.


And finally, CJ will stand with other women to do what is right.

Stay tuned for more from The Telefeminism Project.

If you ever see a gif used on this site and believe that it is your work, please let us know how to credit you.



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